Rijksmuseum Twenthe - Het kunstmuseum van Enschede

Collectioncabinet:              The silver treasury

A cabinet devoted to the silver collections, that the museum has as a long term loan from The Martens-Mulder Stcihting. The beautiful silver is shown in all its splendour in custom-made showcases.

The silver from The Martens-Mulder Stichting forms a special subcollection within Rijksmuseum Twenthe. From goblets to saltbarrels, teapots and tobacco boxes: the collection shows a lot of different masterpieces from the Dutch art af silversmithing from the 17th and 18th century. In this period the Netherlands were rich and wealthy, which resulted in the flourishing of this art. Extensive dining tables were decorated with silver. The Dutch silversmiths made beautiful objects of amazing quality and with gracious details.

Van Vianen

An absolute masterpiece in the collection is a tazza from Christiaen van Vianen, a silversmith from Utrecht. The tazza is made in the so-calles Auricular style. Tazzas like this one were used to drink wine.

The Martens-Mulder Stichting

The Martens-Mulder Stichting was founded in 1976 to manage and enlarge the collection of the couple Jan Cornelis Martens and Roelfina Mulder. The couple was interesed in the visual arts and also fascinated by the art of silversmithing. That's why a beautiful collection of silver arose through the years. Jan Cornelis Martens died in 1974. In the years after his death his wife included their collection in a foundation.