Rijksmuseum Twenthe - Het kunstmuseum van Enschede


From April 15 until July 1, 2018, the arcade of Rijksmuseum Twenthe shows drawings and some installations of Jop Horst, an artist from Hengelo. The exhibition is an homage to Jop, who died in 2014. Simultaneous with the exhibition, ZAAL ZUID in Hengelo will have an exhibition of his work. 

Playful research

'The manner of working is that sometimes I react so quickly that a line comes into excistence before I know it and then becomes a king. Or maybe the king is already there and becomes a sheep. It is very direct', says Jop Horst. Black stripes or childish lines, he let everything happen, didn't reject. Jop sought the pure. While he was working on a drawing or an object, he saw something else, so that it also became something different. Nothing was difinite. When you thought it was going in a specific direction, it went the other way. Jop worked by virtue of coincidence and playful research, with witch he reached surprising discoveries.

This was also the case for his installations. The foundation for them was often formed by analog devices, like a record player, an orange squeezer, mixer or speakers. Jop didn't prefer a polished presentation; the wires and plugs were always visible. He brought the complicated back to its base.

Everything was art

Not much is left of his work; from old installations Jop made new ones. We have tens of objects left, film, boxes with drawings and beautiful memories. Art en life merged with Jop. That's why his house was defined by chaos, everything was art.

Jop worked together with several artists and was an inspiring model to his colleagues. He was also part of the Hengelose sleepingclub, the band IQ-loze Mietjes and the FAB 5, a motley crew that ridiculed order. Ideas that came into being on the spot were executed, disordered art. Things in Jop's studio and living room were taken in a van only to be dropped randomly somewhere later on.