Rijksmuseum Twenthe - Het kunstmuseum van Enschede

Life in art

The collection of Marina Eshuis tells the remarkable story of a doctor’s family from Twente with a passion for modern art. With the first large acquisition by the family in 1940 – three masterpieces by the great artist Jan Sluijters – they unknowingly laid the foundation for a collection which has considerable value for the history of art. Thanks to the dedication of daughter Marina Eshuis (1934) the collection grew to become one of the finest private collections in Twente. The more than 150 works which Eshuis collected are still with her today in her house in Tubbergen. Never before has work from this collection been on show outside the circle of the Eshuis family.

Jan Sluijters

The works of Jan Sluijters, acquired for the doctor’s house in Tubbergen by Marina’s father, will naturally form a central point in the exhibition. A bronze statue by Jan Verschoor is one of the highlights of the exhibition. The sensual, organic form of the cool bronze reminds one of a plant which stretches to the sky. Besides works by Jan Sluijters, Roger Raveel, Theo Wolvecamp, Eef de Weerd and Jan Verschoor, works can be seen in the exhibition by artists such as Marc Chagall, Jean Miotte, Lucebert, Geer van Velde, Kees van Bohemen, Pieter Defesche, Antonio Saura, Wil Bouthoorn, Henk Lassche, Charlotte van Pallandt, Arthur Spronken and Shinkichi Tajiri. There is a special place in the exhibition for the Enschede artist Adrie Arendsman, one of the personal favourites of the collector.

Twente Biographies

The exhibition, Life in art. The collection of Marina Eshuis is the first exhibition in the series, Twente Biographies: exhibitions about special private collections from the region. Director Arnoud Odding says that “The collection of Rijksmuseum Twenthe has more than 9,000 art objects, which have been mostly donated or given on long-term loan by private collectors. The series Twente Biographies is a tribute to all those passionate art collectors in Twente. Thanks to them, Our Rijksmuseum has a high-quality art collection.” Although Marina Eshuis will need time to get used to a house with bare walls, she is delighted that her collection will be shown in Rijksmuseum Twenthe. She says that she is “sincerely happy that she will for once be able to show something to others”. After the exhibition ends, the works will return to their natural habitat, the house of the Eshuis family in Tubbergen.