Rijksmuseum Twenthe - Het kunstmuseum van Enschede

The treasury rooms

Rooms filled with the highlights of our collection. From medieval altarpieces and miniatures to 17th century ceramics, a magnificent portrait gallery and the most beautiful landscapes.

The versatility and richness of the collection of the RMT is presented in 6 treasury cabinets: the middle ages, landscapes, portraits, silver and craftwork. The collection has grown into a big and divers art collection since the opening of the museum in 1930 and represents almost all movements in the Western history of art, from the middele ages to the present.

The treasury room of the middle ages

RMT possesses a unique collection of medieval art. The first director of the museum Jan Herman van Heek had a fondness for art from this period. During his thirthy years of directorship he enriches the museum with an inestimable collection of pieces from the middle ages. Besides paintings and sculptures he also collected reliquaries and manuscripts.

The treasury room of landscapes

The large colletion landscapes in RMT shows the development of the landscape through the centuries. The museum possesses landscape paintings from the early 16th century to video installations and spacious works. The Dutch landscapes from the 17th century deserve special attention, but the collection Haagse School is impressive. Absolute highlights are the two impressionistic landscapes by Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley.

The treasury room of portraits

Two rooms have been decorated with the most beautiful portraits from the collection. In the portrait gallery shines among others Hans Holbein's portrait of Richard Mabott next to the formidable portrait of a young man (Jan de Bray), 19th century portraits by Nicolaas Pieneman en Jan Adam Kruseman and the modern portraits by Emo Verkerk. The second treasury room is devoted to pendant portraits of married couples and the in 2012 acquired portraits by Alexander Roslin.

The treasury room of silver

The silver that is on long-term loan from the Martens-Mulder Stichting forms a special subcollection within Rijksmuseum Twenthe. From goblets to saltbarrels, teapotts and tobaccoboxes: the collections shows a lot of different masterpieces from Duth art of silversmithing from the 17th en 18th century.

The treasury room of craftwork

Besides the visual arts Rijksmuseum Twenthe also owns a divers collection of craftwork, including a considerable collection Asian porcelain. Thanks to a long term loan from the Oudheidkamer Riessen, the collection was enriched with an interesting collection of 17th century ceramics from Delft, collected by the textile manufacturer M.G. van Heel. In the craftwork cabinet the ceramics shine next to masterpeices such as Woman with a lute by Jan Steen and a special 18th century folding screen.