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Ars longa, vita brevis

From 23 June 2018 - The new collection presentation of Rijksmuseum Twenthe  'Ars longa, vita brevis' (Art is long, life is short) will be held with a main focus on 'the human condition'. 

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RMT Current exhibitions

The treasury rooms

Rooms filled with the highlights of our collection. From medieval altarpieces and miniatures to 17th century ceramics, a magnificent portrait gallery and the most beautiful landscapes.

RMT Current exhibitions

Monumentale wand-tekening Arno Kramer

Kunstenaar Arno Kramer heeft in opdracht van Rijkmuseum Twenthe een monumentale wandtekening gerealiseerd in een van de museumgalerijen. RMT volgt het werk van Kramer al ruim dertig jaar. 

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Collectioncabinet:              The silver treasury

A cabinet devoted to the silver collections, that the museum has as a long term loan from The Martens-Mulder Stcihting. The beautiful silver is shown in all its splendour in custom-made showcases.

RMT Current exhibitions

Landscapes of Jurriaan Andriessen

Jurriaan Andriessen (1742-1819), five arcadian landscapes, ca. 1780-1790 are now on display in the collectioncabinet; The silver treasury. The acquisition of the landscapes in 2017 was made possible b ...